tirsdag den 9. oktober 2018

living a cheerful existence

It’s a sad day for a lingerie obsessed full of chic when she understands that, after living a cheerful existence and creating an attractive bouncy boy, she’s no more the size 10 she began out as. To complicate matters, the boobies are no more a little and perfectly created ‘B’ cup, but did something shocking in the evening and switched themselves into ‘DD’ sized monsters. I’ll confess to being horrified in the first instance – all individuals drawers of tasty frilly’s that no more fit – but quite delighted after (in the end, it’s almost an immediate boob-job!) The problem which i had was finding something to lift and support my new and weird bust which felt irritatingly heavy and, between you and that i dear readers, just the teensiest bit limpy. Are you looking for a comfort bra? Do not forget to visit our website today!

I’d been a completely independent boutique kind of girl and loved travelling the wispy lace and willowy satins of ‘B’ cup brazier and being dealt with by Clarins counter special gems in four inch heels, but all of a sudden I had been bereft of confidence – how could I shop within my little gorgeous stores after i was the size of a little family vehicle?

I embarked into the local mall – a location I had been quite pleased to leave to the local ‘dearies’ and towel-buying domestic goddesses searching of the only factor I possibly could think of – what my grandfather passionately known to being an ‘upper decker flopper stopper’ – a full figured bra. Things I saw chilled me to the bone – rack upon rack of beige canvas slings with straps. I switched and fled. After I came back home, I confessed my fears and stress to the amazing Mr N (themself not averse to the changes which in fact had happened!) as well as in their own true, wonderful way, he sitting me lower in the office and switched on the computer.

Things I saw thrilled me unspeakably. When I sitting having a small glass of fizz, page after page of gorgeous french lace and vivid hues assured me that my lingerie obsession weren’t required to finish – that there is existence beyond a ‘DD’! I’d discovered Prima Donna Lingerie! Furthermore they produce brazier to some ‘DD’, they create brazier to some ‘H’ cup and beyond a 40 back. Each bra undergoes 50 plus rigorous tests to make sure that it meets their high standards of quality and support. I clickety clicked on on many different beautiful styles, and hid the online receipt from Mr N!!

Imagine my delight when my packages showed up! Blues, pinks or even a silver set – I had been in frilly paradise! But most importantly, for the very first time in several weeks, I had been comfortable. I felt lifted and supported, because of the unique shaping of the under-wire and the three part support cup. The straps were superbly embroidered, and do not even get me began on the knickers… sheer shorts with exquisite embroidery and soft rio briefs cut at the top of the leg to intensify the length of my hooks (I am only short – they require all the help that they’ll get!!) Mr N grants – he’s switched the computer on again! For a soft comfort bra, visit our website today!

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